Hip hop has come of age with many people in their middle age now rightfully claiming they are hip hop babies. But as a culture, hip hop is really yet to mature, and nothing illustrates that more starkly than the fledgling efforts to establish a hip hop museum. The museum still has no physical address, neither has the organization behind it The National Museum of Hip Hop got the funds needed to build it.

The man behind this noble project Craig M. Wilsonstates in his mission statement that even though this is a nonprofit organization entitled to government grants in the US, they cannot accept government or politicians’ money lest they are beholden to them. And as if that is not already a big enough problem, rumors swirling around in the media -claiming some legendary artists have refused to support the project- have only continued to erode the organizations credibility. Rapper KRS 1, who was one of those portrayed as lukewarm to the NMoHH has however since then come out and pledged $50,000 in support of the museum.

The controversies notwithstanding, supporters have continued to contribute to the National Museum of Hip Hop, monetarily, and otherwise, below is a wonderful video made to support the museum’s campaign.

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