Viraj Manjrekar of the Blacklisted People is not your average emcee. While many rappers are satisfied with living fantasies of big cars, guns and women, Viraj who is better known as ROGER (Rhymes Obviously Generates Expression and Reminiscence) goes out to pitch camp in street protests even risking arrest if at all that is what will get him heard.

In his latest track “Kaise me sahoon“, he is still as conscious as ever as he tackles a thorny subject, molestation of women in public places. Ticked off by the recent despicable incident in North East India that caused a media storm and drew international outrage, the social activist/rapper has combined with singer Deepa Unnikrishnan to deliver a hearty call upon the nation’s conscience. ROGER wonders where shame has gone as he reminds the men folk that they are committing these ignominies to their mothers and sisters.

The rapper is clear from the onset that this is not a dance track, “this one is made to communicate with every demographic, every person on the street”.

Listen to “Kaise me sahoon”  below and share with us your opinion on it in the comments section below.

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  1. Sanika says:

    Viraj really good work…. :) Proud of you!….

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