Kashmiri hip hop soldier Haze Kay is back at ya with another banger, this one titled “The Originals”.

Featuring MC Kash, who if I’m not mistaken is another spitter from the picturesque frontier state, the two deliver a collabo that should have come sooner.

The two emcees handle different verses, Kash on the first and Kay on the second, then they combine to trade bars in an impressive one, two.

They definitely have references to the restive situation in their home state; however, the track is largely about hip hop and being real.

Ever philosophical as you would expect them to be, they sum it all up with the lines “Words, Skill, Chorus, Real”, on the hook.

The track is full of interesting imagery, like Haze concluding that hip hop is “The Rhythm of my struggle that I fight to exist”, which could also be a reference to the Kashmir situation that he talks about exhaustively in many of his tracks.

The joint is produced by One Crib Productions, and unfortunately that is the weak link in this chain. The levels fluctuate from time to time, but that nevertheless doesn’t take away the power of this bouncy track.

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