The Third Degree, the Goa and Mumbai based trio of KoncepT, Bonafide and PhenomE released a new single through their current label Exceleon yesterday.

Titled “Shut Up and Wine”, the line is self explanatory as to what the song is about and also seems to cement the suspicion that the previously very hip hop outfit is drifting in the dancehall direction.

The image on the video has Rasta colors on it just in case you think it’s a coincidence. So it seems like uncle Snoop is not the only rapper drifting towards Jamaican music. “Shut Up and Wine” is very similar to “The Third Degree’s” last release “Get On” which albeit was laced with more rap style rhymes, it had and Indian influenced dancehall beat to it.

“Shut Up and Wine” sounds more confident than “Get On”, and even though the video is not out yet, we can’t imagine it having anything other than women in bikinis doing nothing more than, yeah, just wining.

The track is not accompanied by any announcement of a pending album or video, so we don’t have a clear picture of where it sits in the bigger scheme of things, but in the meantime, DJs, you’re free to start bumping this one at your gig ASAP because it is available for free download.

Listen to “Shut Up and Wine” below and share with us your opinion on the track

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