To many Mumbai DJs, hip hop may be a dying breed, but not for veteran spinner DJ Shameless Mani.

The Skyways Entertainment affiliated spinner was busy judging a DJing contest last Sunday before disappearing into the Skyways Technix DJ academy to cook some beats. As the weekend beckoned, Mani reemerged from his hideout to begin a busy weekend schedule starting Thursday at Hawaiian Shack where he held down his usual hip hop night.

Tonight (Friday), The Shameless One heads to Pune for a private gig, and then he slides down to Hyderabad for a Saturday night party at Club Torque where he will be throwing down his usual blend of hip hop, naija, dancehall etc. Then just before Mumbai starts missing him, Mani will be back to the city on Sunday for another hip hop night at Club Sutra which is located in the plush Intercontinental Lalit.

If y’all thought hip hop was dead in Mumbai, you simply haven’t been talking to Mani lately. Remember to catch him at any of his many gigs if you still dig some beats and rhymes.

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