In case you've been wondering what happened to Ice Cube's rap career, well, wonder no more.

The rapper turned actor has just released a single titled " Everythang's Corrupt" in the middle of his shooting schedule.

The track is a political livewire with flashes of imagery of many contemporary political events including the US Presidential campaigns, and the still fresh Arab Spring Revolutions.

In a typical Cube style, the South Central rapper touches on hot potato issues like crimes and disgraces in society, from clergymen caught in prostitution scandals to touchy American subjects like the healthcare system.

Cube has had a long history dropping politically charged tunes ever since he first hit the scene with his former crew mates NWA. Right from the time of "F**k The Police", a song which predicted the events that led to the LA Riots in the 90s, he has never balked at the thought of taking on Authority.

Currently, Cube, real name Oshea Jackson is shooting for his next movie “Ride Along” which is set for a 2014 release.

Watch "Everythang's Corrupt" below and tell us what you think of the track.

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