After Sean Pauls Indian tour last weekend, a video of a press conference the Jamaican DJ held before he left has been posted online. The acoustics of the video make it hard to understand the conversation, but one of the people in the press room of what appears to be Leela Hotel had an interesting question for him.

Mumbai  rapper Raja Mukherjee asked the "Temperature" hit maker why he shaved his hair and switched from braids to a Mohawk. The DJ replied that he felt he had repped his previous style to the fullest. He then went further to explain his philosophy on style. In his opinion, one should own the style and not be owned by it. It is noteworthy that the answer mirrors a similar statement he made a few months back when he was asked what he thought of fellow dancehall DJ Vybz Kartel bleaching his skin in the name of style. Sean Paul expressed similar sentiments saying there are limits to what one should do in style. One for example should not try to change the being that God made them in order to make a fashion statement.

Raja also asked The Dutty One his opinion on Snoop Dogg's switch to reggae music from hip hop. To that, the DJ who was clearly impressed with Raja's understanding of the scene, replied that he respected Snoops decision because the rapper is an icon in music, a veteran worthy of respect, and also a good friend of his.

The full video is over 10 minutes long, and has many other questions from other journalists and fans, and the questions range from the clichéd "what do you think of Indian food?" and "would you like to be in a bollywood movie?", to the absurd, when someone tried to teach him some Hindi, and the DJ politely excused himself as he was not able to memorize all the syllables immediately.

However, Raja cut for us only the relevant parts and you can watch it below.

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