After repeatedly being singled out as a negative influence on young minority kids in the US, American rap music may have a chance to redeem its tarnished image.

Veteran emcee GZA of Wu-Tang Clan,  Christopher Emdin a lecturer at Columbia University and popular hip hop website Rap Genius are teaming up to launch a project that will explore ways of using hip hop to teach chemistry to inner city youth. The scheme will be launched in 10 inner city schools next month, but according to GZA, they intend to see it become a national phenomena.  In an interview, this is how the Wu rapper put it…

"You never know, this could turn into something in the future as big as the spelling bee.”

This is not the first time an attempt has been made at breaking down the tough science using hip hop, two years ago students at UCLA made a rap song about chemicals and reagents, but this is probably the first time that it is being done with the credibility of a proven emcee added.

Watch the video below and see another professor turn his swag on to teach his students chemistry.

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