50 Cent is definitely about to drop his new album "Street Kings Immortal", and the singles keep coming, but "My Life" is definitely one that he's betting on big.

Featuring his mentor Eminem on a verse while Adam Levine passionately belts out the hook, this is a huge cast for any track.

Lyrically, it's what we've come to expect from Fiddy and Eminem, tales of their lives, struggles, infused with a bit of fantasy and a lot of imagery.

In the video, Fiddy is on the run in a luxury car as a police helicopter tracks him down all the way to the end of the video. Eminem on the other hand has the chopper trailing him while he runs away on foot.

If there is one thing we like about 50 Cent, it's that he's never gone techno or EDM, he still keeps the same ol sound coming. But as far as the rhyming goes, we've heard better from both Em and Fiddy.

Immediately after releasing the video, 50 Cent tweeted that the album will drop in February 2013.

Listen to "My Life" below and let us know if you think this track will put 50 Cent back in the game or not.

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  1. Brotha-Hood says:

    The very first time I read the title of the track
    I had The Game’s track My life ft Lil’ Wayne in mind
    Eminem’s flow was as awesome as always
    Good video

  2. Eminem was in a medical center for one week as he was young.
    He was in coma this all time. Did you guys know that fact?

    He was beate in school by schoolyard bully.
    Rap game would not be the same without him…
    Do you agree with me??

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