While many fans in Mumbai lament that hip hop is dead, then fold their arms, DJ Shameless Mani rolls up his sleeves to do something about it, and due to his indefatigable quest, he is on the verge of bringing the genre back to the Mumbai nightlife.

The veteran DJ recently launched a hip hop night in Club Flaunt located in Holiday Inn hotel. The event is scheduled to run every Wednesday night from 10.30 PM till 3 AM, and that is not all, he also wants other hip hop artists to get a share of the pie too, so he will program rappers, beat boxers as well as other DJs to spice up the nights along with him. Interested artists can send their demos to him on

Besides Flaunt, Mani is also riding to Pune on Friday where he is  running a regular African night. Being one of a kind, he spins hiphop, dancehall and even African music all in one night for his Pune audience.

Saturday however will see The Shameless One back in Mumbai as he takes on New Bombay at Indulge, for another session of hip hop, R&B, dancehall etc. The veteran spinner is also booked for the next two Saturdays in Chennai and at Pune's Kue Bar respectively.

As he tries to revive what is left of Mumbai's hip hop night life, Mani challenges all those who have been complaining, to do something about it now that they have a chance. Meet him at either of the venues this week, and get hip hop back in the city.

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