Mumbai rapper YunG Clyde A.K.A ThuG A.K.A Mr. Problems is back with a new track after a long sabbatical. He was very active last year, but started slowing down as his exams drew closer towards the end of 2011 and he finally went silent due to personal issues, but now, he's back and determined to get that fire back.

His new track titled 'Vibes' features fellow Mumbai rapper Shanawaz A.K.A Brotha-Hood. The two rappers jumped into a studio in Navi Mumbai to knock down their verses, and the engineer was really impressed by YunG Clyde after he ripped all his lines correctly in one take.  Brotha-Hood on the other hand sounds tighter in this track than on his previous recordings as he opens with the first verse. Both MCs flow real fast with tongue twisters many a time leaving you flat footed if you're trying to follow the lyrics, but the track's biggest surprise is its lack of a hook, leaving what sounds like empty bars instead. Other than that, the instrumental is heavy, melodious and catchy, so this one will do well for the hardcore listeners who not interested in a chorus to sing along to.

Although extremely apologetic to the fan base he had started building, Clyde adds that he promises he will stay consistent with his releases henceforth.

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  1. Conrad says:

    Nice Track guys
    Next time dont skip the chorus part

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