Straight out of Christian Village in Mumbai's Kurla west suburb is the duo Kwest Konnection that dropped a new track out of the blues on Christmas Eve.

'Feel Good' is performed by the duo comprised of Bombay Bassment's Deejay Chants and the band's lead vocalist Bobkat and it features one of Mumbai's best kept secrets, singer J. Ferns on the hook of the very sweet melodious reggae/dancehall tune.

The video of the song was shot in the Christian Village lanes in Mumbai's suburb of Kurla West, the same neighbourhood that the crew operates from and features kids from the same area in just about the most down to earth setting that you'll see in a local urban video.

Being from another band, Kwest Konnection's appearance in the scene raised eyebrows as some wondered if something is amiss with the band, but according to Deejay Chantz, this duo is just a side project he runs when he is not busy on the road with the band like now when Bombay Bassment is in the studio recording its debut album.

"Both I and Bobkat are from a DJing background so we had this rapping with samples thing going before we joined the band. We don't want to give up DJing totally and that's why we're delving into performing with instrumentals again".

Watch the video of 'Feel Good' and let us know what you think of the track in the comments section below.

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  1. Brotha-Hood says:

    I loved da video
    And the sweet voice of J
    Ghetto Love <3

  2. Janet Franco says:

    I loved the vdu. Simple yet breathtaking shots of normal human life and love especialy the falling rose. Excellent videography n blending of the indian instrument ie the sitar. Perfect score. Loved the melodious voice of J Ferns, fanstatic blend of voices of all 3 artists. Keep it up and many more wishes n tons of luck for 2013.

  3. Kwest says:

    Thanks for the kind words folks, we definitely motivated to bring more good vibes : )

  4. ol_dirty says:


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