Prolific LA spitter Asoka recently dropped a video for his track 'Boom Bap' off his last Mixtape 'Before The Legend 5' (Read more here) which is currently available for download here.

The video is slickly shot in the streets of New Delhi, so this is video number 2 out of the three that he shot in the country the last time when he was here for a holiday. He already released 'Hate'  (Watch it here) which was also shot in Delhi.

Lyrically, the track is going out to the haters who keep hating while your boy does his thing and keeps living his life.

As far as skill set goes, we'll refer you to renowned hip hop personality DJ Vlad had this to say about the rapper…

The best the underground has to offer.

The beat is definitely Boom Bap, so I'm sorry, we have a soft spot for the golden years of hip hop. If you want a fairer judgement, listen to the track yourself and give us your opinion in the comments section below..

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