Many have speculated over the years on who is Hip Hop’s greatest Emcee. The question has been dug up by many media houses and the latest to add to it is CNN which has named Queens Bridge New York Rapper and Lyricist Nas as the Greatest Rapper of all time. 

CNN's co editor Eliot McLaughlin called the rapper one of the finest lyricists of his time. Reacting to the praise and accolade, Nas whose real name is Nasir Jones stated that it was way too early in his career to be classified as one of the greatest of all time in a list as that would not really matter 10 or 15 years down years the line. The rapper says making a list is very easy so he does not take it seriously.

The Veteran MC released his 10th number 1 solo record “Life is Good” in July 2012. At the moment, the rapper says that in most of his work he talks about life and his music is universal in its approach. To date, Nas has a record of 9 Number 1 albums which is only second to fellow rapper and Mogul Jay Z.

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  1. Brotha Hood says:

    No one can ever match da skills o MC Supernatural
    For me he is the G.O.A.T

  2. The Great Depression. says:

    Nas set the trend with Illamatic in 94 which was a blueprint for the East Coast ,He was part of the Firm and even hung with Biggie .He deserves the accolade.

  3. Ill Killa says:

    Supernatural is great as a freestyler, not necessarily as a rapper who delivers memorable rhymes tacking sociopolitical issues across the eras.

  4. Az says:

    Nas has 8 multi plat records to his name excluding the firm and collab records with the best in the Industry.No clue about super ghost

  5. The Firm says:

    Nas too is an 18 times Grammy Nominee ,how about checking Nas’s freestyles.

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