The first Valentines King 2013 track is in. Lil Karly sends out his rawest feelings to his love as he promises that this time he will live life to the fullest on the aptly titled track 'This Time'.

The joint features the talented Sherise singing convincingly on the hooks and verses too. Specially for Valentines, it's an up-tempo tune but that doesn't make it an less romantic as the lyrics by both artists do the ultimate talking. In Karly's words…

his Time' is a song about living the moment to the fullest, letting go of the past and being open to new opportunities.

Get your love mode swag on an listen to the track and If you like it, remember to come back on Saturday and vote for Karly as the Love King for 2013.

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  1. Lovie Rivard says:

    Sounds fantastic Sherise!! Very proud of you.
    Lovie Rivard
    Montreal Canada

  2. Ill Killa says:

    Can someone give us Sherise’s contact? Many rappers here want to collaborate with her. Awesome voice

  3. Sherise says:

    You can e-mail me at
    Thanks for the appreciation! :-)

  4. Amazingly sung! Love the music and lyrics :)

  5. Anselm vaz says:

    Ausume man…..

  6. Ruburn A says:

    different and cool, music was awesome

  7. Mignonne says:

    OMG! What a voice Sherise!!! Awesome! Love the music. Came across this site by accident. Curious when I saw your name. Even more curious when I saw Lovie’s comment. Do you have music out I can purchase? Would love to hear more. Please keep me posted.

  8. Karly McConnell says:

    Was messing around looking up my name to see what came up and you came up. Nice music!!

  9. It is a nice and handy piece of info. Now i’m pleased that you choose to provided this helpful info here. Be sure to continue to be people updated like that. Thank you spreading.

  10. Sherise says:

    You can download and listen to more of my music on my website:

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