Every day in another new romantic desi rap track and we gotta say, Valentines is one of the best times for us at as we hear rappers bare their souls with lyrics on real stories and experiences.

MC Noxious D is next on the block along with RK as they unleash another heart wrenching plea for the ladies in a track titled 'Tu Hi'. Noxious seamlessly flows from Hindi to English leaving you flat footed just as you begin to follow the lyrics in one language. On the hook, RK does a good job with the enhanced vocals to bring out that pain a man can only feel because of a woman.

The instrumental is neat with a rock like lead guitar stinging through the rest of the sounds, so much that it remains ringing in your head even long after the song is over.

Listen to 'Tu Hi' below and remember, if you dig it, come back on Saturday and vote for MC Noxious D and RK in the Valentines Love King Contest 2013.

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  1. Kawal Singh says:

    Very well sung.

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