It's getting massive. Philip of Agenda Alliance (Kolkata) just sent in his entry for the Valentine's Love King Contest 2013 and baby, the heat is on.

'All For Nothing' which features Cizzy & David, is an agony track that has Philip painfully regretting time wasted on someone that never cared for him, then having to come and deal with rappers taunting him for failure in love.

The beat is heavy, this one can move people on the dance floor, perhaps a good therapy to ease Philip's pain. The singing on the hook is also very neat and the production is tight.

Listen to 'All For Nothing' below, and if it sweeps you off your feet, vote for Philip tomorrow in the Valentines Love King Contest 2013.

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  1. Zoe says:

    awesome !!!!

  2. saumyadip.pramanik says:

    Just Awesome…

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