Valentines is over, but the season of love is all year round. So Mumbai rapper Sreejit 'FastBoy' Nair of The Protoypes, has another track out, this time a true story on a love he had, but could not get.

Rhyming over the harmony and aalaps of Jitesh and Harsha's voices, the rapper switches flow from English to Hindi from verse to verse and in between in the track titled 'Gave You My Loving Heart Away'.

With a sustained bass line and bouncy rhythm in the background, the concept of the track is very interesting besides the fact that of course, it is a subject we can all relate to, rejection in love. Midway, the track stops abruptly to a voice over of a telephone conversation between FastBoy and the 'lucky girl' who is unaware that she is the object of his affection, and when he reveals to her his admiration, the listener is as shocked as the girl; but FastBoy takes the rejection that follows too hard, giving her the ominous parting shot, "Just remember I could have been the best thing you ever had".

The concept of the track and the storyline are all powerful, though tighter production could have taken this track a long way in making it massive. All in all, given that FastBoy is young, and has already set a benchmark for expectations by winning the BITS Pilani Rap Wars 2.0 last year, we look forward to more and better sounds from his camp in times ahead

'Gave You My Loving Heart Away' is off FastBoy's upcoming album 'Viciously Dangerous' which is set to drop later this year (around October). Also look out for the video of this track, expected soon, as well as a sequel to the song.

Listen to 'Gave You My Loving Heart Away' below and let us know what you think of the track.

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  1. Sreejit FastBoy Nair says:

    Thanks a lot for the coverage!
    Just a short correction!
    The name of the crew is THE PROTO-TYPES! Just a spelling mistake!

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  3. Reggie says:

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