A month after releasing his heart wrenching single 'Gave You my Loving Heart Away', Mumbai rapper Sreejit 'Fast Boy' Nair has gone the extra mile and made a video for the track.

The song which features singers Jitesh and Harsha recounts the tale of a love that couldn't be for FastBoy, and the rapper hasn't forgotten since the day he heard those dreaded "We can be just friends".

Taking some help from Jitesh for the direction and Jay Gudhka in editing, FastBoy gets his first video shot and released. There is definitely a lot of scope for improvement with the visuals in the video which is shot in locations spanning different parts of Mumbai, but this is a step in the right direction for the young MC.

Watch 'Gave You my Loving Heart Away' below and share your opinions in the discussions section.

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  1. He should improve the video quality use a better camera and finish it with a better edit the video idea is good but there all blur blur is seen in the video and should use a nice location depend on the theme of the song but it’s a GOOD START :D

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