Valentines-Crown1As is always the case on Valentines, at Bombay Hip hop, we run a contest putting up all the romantic tracks dropped by emcees for the ladies, or for that one lady, then readers vote for their favorite Valentines joint.

Past winners of the contest include Ace AKA 39, RDR AKA Rocky Lama and the defending champ Karly who walked away with the crown last year with the winning song 'This Time' featuring Sherise.

Today we officially open the entries for VALENTINES LOVE KING 2014. Send us your track to We’ll publish it and let our readers speak with a vote each when we open the poll on Sunday the 16th of February.

Having been off line for a while, some might not have expected the Valentines Love King Contest this year, so we’ll keep the entries open for longer, until the the poll begins on Sunday the 16th at 6 PM. The voting will end on Monday the 17th at 10PM and after the poll, the new winner will be declared immediately. We wish all the worthy entrants best of luck.

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