RawalYou will forgiven if you think Sez has too many entries in this year's contest, but that is what happens when you're the underground's go to guy for beats.

Rawal links up with the beat maker on a laid back hard beat driven track titled 'Don't wanna', fully packaged including a lyrics video. Often wandering off the romantic path to crack a joke or two, Rawal gets you gripped by his tale telling, one moment talking about Nazis before he suddenly reverts to his girl.

We think it is a cool tune, but don't take our word for it, bump the track below and make up your mind, then come back and vote for Rawal and Sez in the Valentines Love King 2014 contest this evening if you're sold on this.

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  1. ahana bagchi says:

    it is a great video….and this piece ought to win cause it was awesome…

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