Microphon3Microphon3 AKA Tanmay, one of Mumbai's most enigmatic emcees dropped a spoken word video last week. In the the piece, the rapper delves into a subject that is dear to him, Mumbai his city. Expressing disappointment at the way many do not show the metro the respect it deserves, he hopes to inspire denizens to have a sense of responsibility towards their home. In his words…

" Bombay. Mumbai. Bambai… a place we all call home. Anyone who has lived or been to this city knows that they must thank her deep down for how giving it is. Mumbai is sick though, sick of bouncing back, sick of being impatiently dealt with, sick of watching its occupants interested only in running her dry.  Too many have stopped feeling responsible towards it. Too many have stopped feeling like they belong to this city and this city belongs to them. Mumbai is on the verge of breaking up with us.
I am simply one of her many lovers. A humble effort to bring forth a reality check, I hope there is at least ONE line from this spoken word which shakes you up and you feel that a little more can be done for this beautiful, enigmatic & generous city. While we are busy writing our own future, let's take some time out to rewrite hers".

The video accompanying this piece is also worth a special mention. One of the finest artworks we've seen in the urban visual department in this still young year. Watch it and comment below.


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  1. Mic Beast says:

    Neat video :)

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