Raja-R-Me-The-BlockIf you live in Mumbai and you're still in the dark, it's time you take a trip to Malad, a joint called F The Name, on a Thursday for a night session called "The Block Is Hot".

We recently linked up with the man behind the concept, rapper/promoter Raja Mukherjee AKA Raja R. Me and asked him what the event is all about…

conceptualized by Team Inc., The Block Is Hot caters to the hip hop audience in Mumbai. We have often heard Hip Hop is dead in the city and the same naysayers get up every morning with the same rant and go back to sleep.

We believe that there is a variety of talent and underground following in the city and in the country, hence the venture between Team Inc and "F the Name" (the venue) in Malad bringing you The Block Is Hot! An evening programmed and tailored for the urban youth of Bombay city.

Every alternate Thursday we feature a new face as the "Performer of the fortnight". We kick started this season with Divine two weeks ago, and the second session (today) features Enkore and Kinga Rhymes at the venue bang opposite infinity mall Malad.

The performers will be accompanied by DJ Cas who will belt out the best joints from the 90's and the 00's – something that we all grew up on – as well as a few good recent smash hits.

We are keen on seeing that the show continueS uninterrupted throughout the season.

Due to public demands, we have also started a live cypher for the hip hop heads who turn up early at the venue.

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