Pepsi-MTV2India's newest channel – Pepsi MTV indies – launched last night in an energy packed event that showcased the variety of tastes the broadcaster intends to satisfy.

With music sets pairing Ankur & The Ghalat Family with Tough On Tobacco, Bombay Bassment with Vice Versa, Raghu Dikshit with Karsh Kale and Pentagram with Light Years Explode, Pepsi MTV Indies showed just how wide the gamut of music they intend to cover is.

Playing to a packed house at Mehboob's Studio 4, the artists couldn't mask their excitement while the crowds seemed to love everything the bands had to offer.

On the sidelines, Bombayhiphop confirmed from a programming head that the channel will play only indie music as well as other arts like films, comedy an documentaries. This should be good news for many hip hop artists that have struggled to get their content on TV in the past. "Whereas in the past we had to fight for space with Bollywood, we now have our own channel for our won music, why should Indians only be forced to watch foreign bands in certain genres? Let them have an option to consume local content too" said Ruell Barretto, a bassist with Bombay Bassment.

Meanwhile, you might want to add the new channel to your favourites on you remote controls.

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