Enkore---TBIHThursday had a big Pepsi MTV Indies launch party that may have made many miss out on other events that were going on the same night.

In Malad (West), The Block Is Hot session was in effect courtesy of Raja R. Me's Team Inc. On the roster for the night were Enkore, Kinga Rhymes and DJ Cas who pretty much gave the crowd what they were expecting. Apart from some disappointments on hearing a bit of house music at the start of the show, the rest of the night was filled with positivity including the amity shared by partakers in a cypher that was held after the main performances.

The gig is yet to draw in many potential regulars from afar given that Malad is far flung for the denizens of places to the south and East of Mumbai, but the show definitely has the potential to grow into some kind of underground Mecca for Mumbai hip hop.

Words can however only do so much, so let the pictures and the video, Yes, let the video do the talking.

Also note that there were more performers than the slated ones.


Scroll through the images below to get a taste of what you missed.

Images courtesy of Rahul Nikon Suresh Sharma

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  1. Lm fao says:

    HEy brother dat was awsum nd ace,VNM u ppl juzzz rock mehn..

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