GHOST STATName: Antrix S.

Stage Name: Ghost Status

Skill: Artist, Rapper, Lyricist, Freestyler

What’s your story?

I immigrated from India to Canada at the age of 13. Man those are the formative years, you know your teens. Instead of the land of opportunity and fun, I thought it would be, I saw racism and class system. At the same time, it introduced me to hip hop man. And damn I could relate, cuz moving to a new country aint easy. It’s a struggle when you get there, especially when you’re a darker colour. Soon after that man, I was skipping school and caught up in the life. We used to smoke up and spit rhymes, you know. Later on, I got in trouble and all of that stuff, which is better not to go into right now, but cuz of that I couldn’t really pursue rapping for a while. Last year, I resolved all my issues and decided its time to return to the mother land, you know what I mean. Like my fam and my people are still there, but I had too much restraints on me, so I decided to come here and live free again.

So when did you decide to start rapping?

Well like I said, we would always be freestyling and everyone there spits rhymes. Lot of people I met were part of the underground scene in Toronto. I always wanted to get involved but shit was too hot for that. So in the last few years, I had time to write some rhymes. I used to spit it for the man them and some real dudes too you know, and they were like damn homie you gotta bring that to the studio. It’s cuz the life we were living is embedded in my music and what might appear as simple rhymes aren’t really simple rhymes but metaphors and ambiguous word play, which is how I like it. So since I got back here, I saw the hip hop scene here and am like “iight man its time to bring that raw energy over here too”.

What do you think of the hip hop scene in India and Canada?

Well in Canada its popping. Like I mean some of the best rappers in the world are over there. In India, the scene is in its infantile phase right now. There’s some great artists here, especially from Mumbai and Bangalore. The rest though, I don’t really feel them. Everyone is trying to spit intellectual rap and practising accents and all that stuff, its unnecessary.

What needs to change here?

Everyone needs to come together to bring hip hop up together. We need to have a platform and introduce our people to other people. Lot more collaborations would be good. Other than that, its growing here man, time will show everyone that hip hop will flourish in India.

Name 5 artists we can catch you listening to.

·       Schoolboy Q

·       French Montana

·       Camoflauge

·       Fat Joe

·       Tupac

So are those the top 5 rappers for you?

Haha no. That’s just 5 am listening to right now. Top 5 would be hard man, though some of those people from above would definitely make it.

So what can we expect from you in the future?

Well, a lot of tracks and videos. Its only going to get better. The productions are going to get bigger. So big and bigger things.

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  1. prince singh says:

    awsom brother…..hehahaaa apna veer chaa gya….(Y)

  2. Ricki says:

    Not bad, give us some full songs now

  3. GREAT MAN! REALLY KOOL… BUT I DINT UNDERSTAND 1 THING THAT U SAID Everyone is trying to spit intellectual rap and practising accents and all that stuff, its unnecessary….. WHY DO U THINK SO ?

  4. Jose reales Amigo says:

    dope still. check the other tracks at

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