Shameless Mani1Your boy DJ Shameless Mani is back at it again with a beat that he's putting out for rappers to jump on.

The beat titled "Shameless Riddim" is a dancehall flavoured sound, but Mani isn't restricting the style he wants on it. Any rapper that has tight bars  will do. The 10 best rap tracks made on the beat will be compiled into an album titled "Shameless Riddim" which will be released on in a month's time.

"The target is 10 tracks on the intrumental. If we get more that 10 good entries, then we'll put it to a vote" says the DJ. He also adds that he is on the lookout for live performers for his gigs and he hopes the riddim will give him an opportunity to connect with the hot performers in the scene.


Listen to the beat below and if you're interested in rapping on it, download it from the LINK given at the bottom of the page, record your vocals and send your track to



To download the intrumental, click HERE



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  1. Ccam says:

    Tight beat, i'm thinking about rapping Cleaning my closet to it.

  2. Arentat says:

    He is taking hiphop to a whole new level, i loved it.

  3. Tamara says:

    My man mani, i'm your biggest fan, its a good beat to rap to

  4. Ghadeerco says:

    How many entries did you get so far ? why isn't it on vote already ?

  5. Christian Onyekachukwu says:

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    Thank you.

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