bowfingerEddie Murphy has done so much in film; the guy is a living legend. Nobody can forget classics like Beverly Hills Cop, The Golden Child, Coming to America, Harlem Nights, Boomerang and even the Dr Do Little series to name a few.

But Bowfinger released in 1999 is one film which has its moments for all those who love pure classic comedy.
The film revolves around a struggling film maker with a low budget ,who is desperate to cast a hot Hollywood actor Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy) in his forth coming film. Kit refuses leaving Mr. Bowfinger (Steve Martin) with no option and twiddling his thumbs.
But all is not lost, Bowfinger hatches a clever plan and decides to shoot the film any ways with Kit not knowing he is actually in it. So his production team follows Kit everywhere. Kit who is nervous and scared about things related to sci-fi does not know that Bowfinger's team is following him, shooting him secretly and are reciting the script lines any where he happens to be. This leads to a hilarious sequence of roller coaster events which are comical chaos at its best. The film ends eventually with Bowfinger shooting a different film altogether. Director Frank Oz has done an awesome job leaving all in stitches. The film also has a noteworthy performance by Heather Graham and was distributed by Universal Pictures. Truly worth a watch Mr. Bean surely got some competition on this one.]


By Nastradamus

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