icecubeYou are looking at the Grand Wizard Warlord with vocal cords so vicious!

Besides being a member of the legendary group NWA and super group West Side Connection (Ice Cube Mack 10 & WC), and dropping numerous successful solo albums throughout the 90's, and still dropping bombs on his own independent label Lench Mob, Ice Cube has redefined being a rapper/ actor/ producer and screen writer all at the same time.

One of his most crucial early roles was in the film Boys In Da Hood and another racy action thriller Trespass. Since then Ice Cube has never looked back.

Oshea Jackson aka Ice Cube went on to create the Friday series of films that were followed by the Barber's Shop series of films. Ice also went on to do battle with the Anaconda and starred in the action flick On Dangerous Ground as well as showed us the difference between the men and the boys in Players Club and I got the Hook Up. 3 Kings was another Ice Cube outing about the first Gulf war. John Carpenter’s Ghost of Mars saw Ice Cube in a sci-fi flick . Since the new millennium Ice Cube has remained active, he replaced Vin Diesel in XXX2, showed us his softer side in Are We there Yet and its sequel.

Ice also played the rough and tough biker in Torque. The Bollywood films Dhoom and Dhoom 2 suddenly got our attention too! Damn!!

Ice Cube also has served as a writer in his own films which show cases his versatility as an actor/producer as well and to top it all off plans to drop a new album on us called I am the West in July this year. Well what more can I say, Ice Cube is a true Legend.

-JJ Moon Blood & Rotweiller.

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  1. Good 1.. Cube always been str8 on ur face typa mofo.. even his last album was tight.. He insipred gazillion mc’s in da game.. waitin on his next album which is scheduled 2drop arnd june..

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