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If there is one thing I’ve learnt about Sean Paul and Dancehall, it is to never count him/them out.

On his latest Album, the Get Busy star has the now ubiquitous electro feel to the fast paced throbbing dancehall tunes that seems to be the sound the genre will have for a while to come. It sounds in a way like a continuation of the metamorphosis he began on his last album Trinity. Back then when I heard We Be Burning, I was like dude is crazy, who the hell is gonna feel this in Dancehall?, but now I know better, watch dancehall to get an idea of what hip hop will do next. Today hip hop is getting increasingly harder to differentiate from pop as the genre also adopt the fast paced electro influenced sounds that Sean already introduced us to 4 years ago.

In this serving, we already have the massive hit So Fine which is a dance floor scorcher that will rarely fail the DJ.

Another massive one to get the bodies sweaty in the club is Press It Up which for some reason Mumbai DJs are yet to connect with.

Many have criticized Sean Paul for lacking a socially conscious message and all I can say is thank God he hasn’t yet buckled to the pressure because I think he was born to rock the house. Dancehall artists always get an identity crisis when they blow up as they are compared with the biggest star from Jamaica ever, Bob Marley. That factor has seen many of them abandon their party roots as they try to “be real”, Buju Banton is a good example.

Still, a few attempts at going hard in reggae can be found in Hold My Hand, a track on which Sean Paul sings to a reggae tune with some help from R&B singer Keri Hilson, but thank God, sooner than later, he is back to moving the crowd. The pace slows down sometimes to an easy feeling track like Now That I Got Your Love which will work as a good set starter for a DJ.

Other fire sounds include Wine Baby Wine, Evening Ride and She Want Me.

For a dancehall fan, I think this is a 4 out of 5 star delivery, but for the general masses, it might sound a little too much, but what do you expect, the CD has 20 tracks, more than you’ll ever need.

I think the only reason why Sean Paul will not sell his past multi platinum units with this one, is because the sound is a little too futuristic for the audiences out there, but mark my word on this one, three years from now, we will still be bumping at least two songs from this album to get the party moving.


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