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Jay Z has very little to prove in the rap game, going past Elvis Presley in terms of number 1 albums is no small feat for a rapper.
But with The Blue Print 3, he has been able to reinvent himself once
again for all his critics.

As many of his peers struggle to survive in the industry, unable to connect with the young generation and finding themselves looking like adults who refuse to grow up, Jay has no problem being his age, a rapper at 40. In his recent albums, many have criticized Jay for being aloof or out of touch, but let’s face it, with a value of $500 million to your assets; it’s no point rhyming how you couldn’t afford lunch yesterday. In my opinion, with this release, Jay shows rappers how they can grow with their audiences and not stay stuck in a teenage time warp, which is why he is the only rapper who can brag that his music bumps in I pod of The President Of The US.

Released through his own label Roc Nation, the album opens with Jay addressing problems of the past with his former associate Damon Dash and others. After that, the Journey of The Blueprint 3 begins. Jay's rhyming flow is as smooth and clear as ever with no breaks, the orchestral sound that is signature Jay Z is ever present. Most of the tracks have clean beats blending from one in to another.
The songs are of course well produced and all in different sounds leaving no room for monotony.
Guests on the album include Young Jeezy, Drake, Rihanna, J Cole, Alicia Keys, Kid Cudi, Pharrell, Swiss Beatz and Kanye West, some of the biggest names in Hip Hop and R&B.
Jay drops his opinion on the Auto tune Phenomenon on DOA. Apparently, this was his reaction after he outlawed producer and fellow rapper Kanye West from using the filter on his album. That’s one reason why I love Jigga, he doesn’t follow the crowd. He just does his own thing.

On Empire State of Mind, he talks about New York City and its Culture with the wonderful voice of Alicia Keys on the hook and plenty of pianos sweetening it. This one needs no introduction coz it’s been killing it on Mumbai dance floors. In Run This Town featuring Rihanna, he shows us who the boss is in the big apple. On Venus VS Mars, Jay gets in to Hustler mode reminding us of where he came from, the streets. On Already Home, Jay Z tells us the level in the game he is on now that he no longer goes rioting in clubs like a young gun. Thank You has Jay talking about how he ignored his enemies (many in the rap industry) and how they fell.
 Young Jeezy shines on the track Real As It Gets while on Reminder, he reminds all about his contributions to hip hop over the years, before he closes it with the Forever Young, which is currently slowly inching its way up in the charts currently.

So with so many memorable tracks, and not to mention so many hits, what do you expect? For rating, I give this album a 4 out 5 a near classic.

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  1. Killa says:

    yo Jay is a legend, this deserves 5/5

  2. Killa says:

    You mean it’s available in India?

  3. Rock says:

    most Mumbai crowd don’t realize the greatness of this legend. Even the ones who claim to be real only know tupac and biggie

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