Reggae Rajahs are? :

DJ Mo City, Zorawar and Raagav.

What are the members skill sets:

DJing, Emceeing, Remixing and toasting, a style of Jamaican rap

The crew has performed at which venues:

The love hotel, Café Oz, Cafe Morrison, The Living Room Cafe, News Café and Sunday Pool Parties At Aqua

What type of sound are Reggae Rajahs about:

Original Jamaican Sounds of Roots Reggae, Ska, Dub, Lovers Rock and Dancehall.

Mo is also associated with hip hop, how does that fit in the Reggae scheme of Things:

Well hip-hop & reggae both have a lot in common as both of them are music of freedom of expression, of the underground voice. It sometimes blends well to have knowledge of both hip-hop and reggae as it could be very useful if u get into remixing tracks and making new riddims which we as reggae rajahs are planning to work on in the near future.  

What is the current state of Reggae/hip hop music internationally?:

Up & Down just like the economy, well at least for the Jamaican artist, but we see a large rise of a new breed of reggae artist, the modern roots artist, many from Europe and around the world.

What is your opinion on the state of Hip hop/Reggae in Delhi?

Hip-hop is at the bottom rung to vh1 and all the other forms of music. Commercial proprietors are misusing the name and over shadowing it with Pop which they call hip-hop.

Reggae is a like new born baby and we’re taking good care of it in India

If you could change the game in Delhi you would:

Block all TV channels from showing phat ass bitches half naked claiming that it’s hip hop, and start hosting outdoor hip-hop events, The Block Party Culture

Where can we catch Reggae Rajas in action?

In a pub near you 

Which is your most memorable gig to date?

Our 3 day 1 year anniversary\Bob Marley birthday, 3 different venues on 3 different nights, each one was better than the other

Current top 5 tracks:

Gentleman – Leave us alone

Million Stylez – Born In The System

Anthony B – World a Reggae Music

Junior Kelly – Blaze

John Holt – Police In Helicopter

Best 5 artists ever:

1.   Bob Marley

2.   Damian Marley 

3.   Anthony B

4.   Alborosie  

5.   Gentleman

What should Mumbai music lovers expect from Reggae Rajas this Friday?

A night full of energy and natural fire pon di dance floor coz when Reggae Rajahs blaze, they blaze up fire pon di dance Culture & Roots. Indian Massive be ready fi di more  

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