just-wrightMany rappers have done numerous film roles over the years. Ice Cube for starters has been doing film roles for over a decade and a half, but rapper Common has also successfully carved a niche for himself as an actor, albeit not on cubes level of success. Common's latest starrer Just Wright with Queen Latifah, has just hit theater's in the US, and done very well for itself, opening at number three at the box office with collections of over $ 8 million .The film is a cute basketball love story, not the usual mundane pseudo gangster flicks rappers often star in.
The plot revolves around two main characters, an NBA super star Scott (Common) and his physiotherapist Leslie (Queen Latifah). Scott has an Injury and Leslie is the person to help him out.  An air of romance soon develops between the two as Leslie finds herself slowly falling in love with Scott.
The twist in the plot is that Scott does not realise this and is drawn towards Morgan who happen's to be Leslie's childhood friend. A scenario develops where Leslie has to decide whether she has to be just a best friend or wait for Scott (common) to finally see what has been in front of him all along. For those who like a Romantic Drama and a peek into the NBA, this film does have an interesting story line to it. The combination of basket ball as a sport and a romantic drama is a good one. Noteworthy appearances are also there by real NBA super stars Dwayne Wade and Le Bron James two phenoms. So if you want to just chill and watch a nice romantic drama on a Sunday Evening, this one is for you. What happen's next is for you to find out.
   JJ Moon Blood.     

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