FREESTYLEThe good old hip hop argument is back to the fore and I’m glad. What is free style? Outkasts Big Boi resents what the new school cats do, write some random stuff then later go and start spittin it like its impromptu. For the longest time, rap has held a special reverence for free stylings, to some people, if you can’t free style, then you are no good. According to Big Boi and most old school cats, free styling means shooting rhymes off the top of your head. That’s like okay, rap about that mongrel lying over there in the garbage, and you got lines for that, tell me about that kulfi wallah over there and you got something for that, yo what about that BEST Bus almost running down that woman and immediately you spit on it. Let’s face it, not all rappers can do that, but most won’t admit it. Drake is one of the few that won’t lie, “that’s not my creative process” confesses the Canadian MC. I feel what Drizzy says is perfectly fine. For most Mumbai hip hop fans, the name Supernatural doesn’t ring a bell, but that is one of the illest free stylers that ever walked the planet. Common will hardly be played in most hip hop nights and Black star is an alien to the average hip hopper as Beethoven. So there you have it, the truth is that most fans worldwide may revere free stylers, but they are more likely to pay to watch and listen to the normal traditional rappers who put pen to paper before hitting the studio.

So should MCs who can’t free style feel any less than their free styling counterparts? In my opinion, writing an off the chains rap isn’t an easy task either otherwise, the free styling champions would take the awards in free style, and then beat 50 cent, Eminem etc. in the written version too, but as you can see, they are two distinct styles of the art form, and as they say, those talented in one are seldom talented in the other. So Mr. MC, just write your rhymes, and don’t hide while you do it, that’s the way most of the biggest rappers do it anyway.

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  1. Jer-Z Boy says:

    good one!

  2. Zappa says:

    Real MCs freestyle,them others are wannabe

  3. Dj Deryk says:

    yea if you’re Better at freestylin you can bully Eminem on your PC

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