Album: Rise Up

Artist : Cypress Hill

Label : EMI

Price : Rs. 395


EMI recently sent us a CD of a group we haven't heard from in a minute. Cypress Hill are the crew that brought us the anthem Insane In The Membrane. They recently got signed to Priority/EMI courtesy of Snoop Dogg who is the new A&R at the label, so I was eager to see what the Dogg saw in these veterans especially in a genre where young artists make albums with titles like No Country For Old Men.

Before Dr. Dre made The Chronic album, before all rappers started boldly talking about how much they can puff, there was Cypress Hill. Since they hit the scene 19 years ago, they have never slipped from the script, and their latest offer is no exception. You don’t travel far into the album before you smell the smoke. “When I step up on the stage I’m a light it up” B real rhymes in Light it up.

The album doesn’t start off with smoke by the way, the first track, It Ain’t Nothing featuring Young De sends out a warning to all them new cats that think they got it all when they ain’t even gone through the grind. Cypress informs these newbies who keep recycling rhymes that they will bury them if they have to.

On Get it anyway, a slow track heavy on the bass, the crew sings about chasing your dreams and believing in yourself. They rhyme “Regardless of what the haters say, I’m a get it anyway”. True words from veterans who know the game better than almost every emcee out there.

On Pass The Dutch, B Real reads the rules of smoking with his crew. You pass the joint only on the left hand side, an issue he is quite serious about. The track has The Alchemist and Evidence featuring on it, and their presence accentuates that retro hip hop sound Cypress fans madly love.

The album has a wide range of sounds as Cypress have displayed over their long career. For a while, they have flirted with rock rap, and they didn’t let down on that tip either. Trouble Seeker which features Malakian gets the pace up and running, then in Shut Em Down which features the legendary Tom Morello formerly of the Rage Against The Machine, it is mad rock guitars good enough to wild out any head banger.

Take My Pain, featuring Everlast, formerly of House Of Pain is another heart rending one and in this one, Cypress Hill tries to inspire positivity in people despite grim circumstances surrounding them.

The crowning glory of the album Armada Latina is last on the 15 track CD. The joint which has already reported to the charts and burnt quite some dance floors, features Marc Anthony and Pitbull, two very unlikely bed fellows. But like in the rest of the album, the numerous collabos have done little if at all anything in the way of tempering down the real Cypress Hill feel. It sounds like the same cats from back in the 90s, not an ounce lost, and I’m so glad that old school sound hip hop is not going anywhere. This is one album I have absolutely no gripes with, and one that I'd encourage young fans who want to know what the golden age hip hop used to sound like, to listen to.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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  1. Real Talk says:

    Armada Latina is my Fav. Love the Track…CH rules!!!

  2. Pree says:

    Can we get a couple free cds? :D

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