Bobby-RayB.O.B. AKA Bobby Ray is truly the future of hip hop. His debut album Adventures Of Bobby Ray which has been well received by fans speaks volumes about one of the best thing to happen to hip hop in recent times. The Atlanta bred emcee is not bound by the confines of boom bap west coast gangsta or the slow southern tempos and drawls. This is an album that’s almost not hip hop in the traditional sense, but thank God, it’s not pop either. At times it almost sounds like a “Jay Z meets Linkin Park” project, and yet other times, it’s just good old school funky “real tale” rap. There is a lot of soulful singing in there, and lots of lead guitar giving it a strong indie rock feel. In this compilation, you have almost a subgenre of hip hop.

The lead single Nothing On You is a radio/club friendly joint on which B.O.B. pleads with his love to forgive him for his past mistakes, but never for a second making you want to stop dancing. Bruno Mars does justice to the track too with his smooth vocals on the hook.

Airplanes which has fared well on the charts too seems to be everyone’s favorite. The track which features Hayley Williams has a laid back groove with the familiar guitars on the melody as Bob raps about the good old days when rap was real and not about money and politics.

Bet I sounds like a track not meant to be in the same album with airplanes, this is about as hard as the album gets in the traditional rap direction. It is the track on which T.I. jumps on along with Playboy Tre, and in my opinion, the only one T.I. would have sat in well in this album.

Ghost In The Machine is one that surprises me coz Bobby Ray also can sing. This one right here could sit comfortably in a rock album, but the dude pulls it off neat.

Magic which features Rivers Cuomo, is yet another track in which B.O.B. stretches his versatility which to me means, this is a man to watch, he has a great shot at bigger things. This one brings back the 60s in a rock and roll fashion, I’m feeling this one could be hot if he promoted it as a single.

Lovelier Than Thou reminds me of Eric Clapton. Smooth acoustic guitar with a velvety voice and nothing else, making good music.

After all is said and done, damn, I think this one is very mature hip hop that won’t leave an adult feeling like he’s going through a midlife crisis, and that will make sense to a youngster too. T.I. and his label Grand Hustle have caught themselves a fish with a gold coin in its belly, they better not let it get away.

Courtesy of EMI Music.

Price INR 395

Rating :   ****½

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  1. OMG says:

    good stuff!

  2. Niels says:

    u missed out satellite and dont let me fall ….brilliant tracks …and eminem kills it on airplanes part 2 …good album indeed

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