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  1. zina says:

    hi we are looking for a b-boy & b-girl for a shoot coming 1st week june. the age is a real criteria – 11-13 yrs.

    this is for an ad and needs to worked out asap.

    please let us know if you can help.




    I really like your website and what it has to offer, I am really interested in knowing how can I have my artist featured on your website with there music… Please contact me @ 917 504-2847 ask for SHOW or by email @

  3. f bone says:

    im from the streets n u site helps keping it up so thank u n keep updating specialy if any rap battels r hapening

  4. dj battle says:

    Hey guys any dj battle around mumbai & suburbs…

  5. Dj Deryk says:

    i’m 14,, i’m a freestyle Rapper and a Dj too,,, i can Rhyme realy good,,, is it possible to go in the hiphop industry,, if yes kindly tell me how,,belive me am not a crazy kid,,, i’m Rappin from 2 Yrs and have reached sky in small time,,, please take a demo,,, call me at 08894503131 or

  6. Dj Deryk says:

    if bieber can do it in R&B , why not me

  7. Dj Deryk says:

    just take a Demo,, you’ll be impressed by my Rhymes,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  8. Dj Deryk says:

    just tell to me Compose and write a whole album,,, and i’ll do it in a week,,,
    i’m Rappin since.i was 12,,, there’s no other MC in the world of my age who can compete with me,,,,,,,,,

  9. AvrayZ says:

    my mail id is :

  10. Dj Deryk says:

    sorry, hehe

  11. LANTER says:

    DJ Deryk seems like a desperate,fucked up loser hu thinks he got game!!hahaha
    kill urself!!

  12. Dj Deryk says:

    Yo mafucka assho , you wanna battle , huhh,,,,
    i think you’re sexualy fuckedup , and don’t,, you wanna get pissedoff like a fuckin piano player huhh ? , , battle me , or suck my dick., ,any other MC who choses to go against me is gettin him/herself murderd by my freestyle spitin,, , you’ll all get fucked , whether you’re fault or not,,,,, you motherfuckers are fuckin Rap clowns tryin to spit ,, but can’t even do 5 bars , ,, so you guys should better split ya fuckin pusseys and let me shit on it , while you’re screamin

  13. Dj Deryk says:

    ignorin my shit , come battle me

  14. G-GRiP says:

    Good Stuff! Keep It Up!
    Desi Hip Hop For Lyf!
    Much Love.

  15. Dre says:

    all of eww , SHHUUTT UUUPPP

  16. Dre says:

    Yao can’t you BHH guys turn this site into a blog+social community site ? we need somthin better , but we can’t live without BHH,we need it man,, WE WANT IT

  17. S-jay says:

    sssup guys cheak out ma , SUMMER LOVE REMIX

  18. S-jay says:

    any DJ wanna sell a 2nd hand , single Straighy drive turntable , contact me

  19. bpm KOLKATA says:

    we r a hiphop crew 4m kolkata,india. 4med in 2007
    Our main aim is to create a hipculture in dis state n elsewhr.
    dis crew’s creatin diff.s in da style of our own
    Compostions and style of music fused with BENGALI n REGIONAL rapping with deejay beats..mostly from da console!!
    mixed and made mainly on regional tunes n folk music of kol.
    This is just a try to promote our own culture in da way people want 2 hear it….hope u guys can hlp us in ny way…

  20. 10buck's says:

    hey mayn i’m being in dis game but i don’t have any kind of source…..from which i can show or come with ma tracks or ma style………..let me tell you i don’t have a p.c,dj equipments and also contacts from which i can get a recoed or smthng to do with ma raps!!!!!!!!!!
    so can u guys help me to bringin’ up ma talent……..????????

  21. ukaya obangobo ysbanjo says:

    @ 10 bucks , the same here

  22. Mr HeartThrob says:

    yo waddup guys , Justin beaver here , i was searchin the internet about any indian HipHop site so i found this , well i wanna telk yall that am here in Indian with my friend Joe and we’re here cause we wanted a vacation so where gonna roam around this beautiful country , and if get more fans here then i can do a tour here in december.

  23. Black Money says:

    Anyone wants beats???

  24. fuk diz shity syte says:

    all urll fukers get together in a room n ill burn all ur brown asses down incl this site

  25. Frappe Ash says:

    nice website first of all….love the whole idea behind it…now juss like many other artists here at the comments board m also posting to promote my stuff….my self frappe ash is the youngest rapper from the indian underground hip hop…have done many shows here in the north side and also have dropped some jaw dropping audios in the indian underground hip hop
    you guys can google frappe ash for further details…n ya if yall be interested plz do holla back
    or @ my e mail id

  26. Piyush says:

    Have a look at my songs

  27. Hi Guys,

    Keep up the good work, just wanted to leave this message in here, if any one is interesred in learning and performing hip hop as well as B Boying, Visit this place. Check the website for further details
    8268 561 457

  28. Apple Fresh says:

    no ash , u r not , stop claiming u r the youngest

  29. DJ Azam says:

    Hi Guys I am looking Job in mumbai or sabur for Club or Lounge, If any requirement please contact me


  30. abhishek says:

    hey my name is abhishek im 15 i m a hip hop dancer i have perform in many shows i want to join hip hop crew call at 9167452899

  31. A song that speaks for Indian hip hop! the most liked song of this month!! do check it out for sure!!

  32. check out ma new tack………………..
    “WHO DAT”

  33. THE YALLYYOMAN says:

    ayo homies… m THE YALLYYOMAN.. m rapper n freestyler.. c me homies… 08956166602… ball out…

  34. MYsTerIo akA LY reD says:

    #yOung world …greetings ..m a vivid fan of Hiphop nd rNb reali happy to c such upcoming sites in india ……..nd respectt …. Fr u all … Great work …but a small sugestion … Lisn …its a reallly fast changin world …nd i wud lyk to c a more updated list …. Like …lateest videos ..nd songs .for eg …. Videos lyk Kush of dr dre, roger that cash money ,rockteerfar east moment …..nd great new songs lyk ….strange clouds b.o.b …… Work out-j cole…..Omarion -forget about love ….i like how it feels -enrique…. Papi-jeni lopez ….just a little- tinie tempah …it will rain -bruno mars …….. -.etc etc … Hehe jst sayin u knw … Nd try to keep a seperate column fr new arist lyk ..j cole….tine tempah….. Drake …tyga ……jason derulo …. Iyaz … Bruno mars …..trey songz ..nicky minaj ..kat deluna ….nd ofcorz songs on home grown talenta …amchi mumbai i meant. Etc ….. … It will help ppl to knw mre about their new artist nd their work …. – these are my litle sugestions ..u guys r doing a great job ..nd keep making more jay sean`s …… Nd im kinnda updated evrytym … any help or assistence frm my side about new songs ..or upcomming artist .. Im der always … Add me on f.b Deryl jose. I do write r n b songs …. Nd kinddaa sing a bit ..any band …who needs some lyrics r smethin ready to help dem ..actualli fr free ;) … -…if ders any way .. U ppl need to know d best r nb artist ..nd hip songs colletion …do cntact me ….dnt wory im 19 lol….frm kearla dng my studies in mumbai ……..
    Facebook-Deryl Jose
    god bless ..nd Hip hop anthem … india gng to b … -..hiphopmumbai …keepdoin ur best
    #stayblessed yall ..

  35. lil paid says:

    lemme know if any freestyle rap battles in bombay …… holla

  36. Har.D says:

    Nice website… Keep up the Good work i must say…

    Well, This is Har.D (Hardy Singh)..
    Hindi Rapper and An Audio Mixer…
    In Short, An Artist from Mumbai.
    A Salaam and Namastey to all …

    and Do join me on my Official Page:

    Your Support Needed :)

  37. Kaushal says:

    I am an Rapper and I need a DJ to make me Hip Hop beats

  38. admin says:

    @Kaushal, try drop a rhyme on any beat, send it to us, and we’ll hook you up with beatmakers.

  39. Jay T says:

    Love your site!

    its Jay T out here mahn! check out the youngest Hip Hop Band in South India.

    ~ Be Cool 2 Kill

  40. Aman sharma says:

    Tell me Where is all the rap battle happening in mumbai. Co. No:-9930938363

  41. T.A.V says:

    Whoa! Awesome…Another site dedicated to Hip Hop
    Will look forward to what good this does for the Artists

    @admin: I’ll mail you about my major Releases, I hope thats the way you want it to be, Right?

    “Site Bookmarked” \,,/

  42. T.A.V says:

    @Admin: If you add profile yourself then you can get my Releases, more Info, Social Links, etc. on my…

    Official Website:

    Do add me on ur site, if you like my stuff

  43. Haze Kay says:

    @admin….. i am rank one on the hip hop/rap reverbnation charts for pune , how can i get a profile on your site????

  44. admin says:

    Thanks for all the appreciation. But for those trying to contact us through this comment space, please, our e mail address is clearly mentioned above, just drop us an e mail and we’ll duly reply.

  45. Nice site yo ppl keep it up searchin for beats get me on ma email if yall got some am a rapper wid sum crazy shit n i promise m gonna run da rap game in india one day juzz want a shot at sum fame n itz on juzz get me sum beats ppl. Thnx ppl.

  46. RjRaja says:

    No One From Chennai ??
    I am a rapper in chennai i make beats also

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